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the definitive book on ancient navigation -
How the Vikings used their amazing sunstones
and other techniques to cross the open ocean.

by Leif K. Karlsen

216 pages in three primary sections; richly illustrated with black and white drawings and color photos.

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"Using clues he gleaned from the Icelandic Sagas, his experience as a professional navigator, and from his voyages on "Borgunknarren"—a 60' Viking ship replica—Leif K. Karlsen reveals the secrets of Viking navigation. Karlsen has done extensive research on the Viking "sunstone" and "horizon board" and explains how they work. This is an interesting, valuable, and educational contribution to the understanding of the Vikings' success as navigators and seamen."

        —Dr. Alf Lunder Knudsen, Editor Emeritus Western Viking
            The Norwegian Voice of America -Since 1889

To download a summary of the navigation technique covered in the book, read this excerpt from Navigator's Newsletter ISSUE 93, FALL 2006 (PDF file) [Click Here]

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